Tutor or Teacher


• Teachers provide tuition to a large number of students, they are required to follow a standardized curriculum focused on specific academic standards. Their classroom should reach targets and this is done within a time limit.
• A teacher must try and devise a method of teaching that fits most students.
• Teachers will have to provide learning material that helps children with many different learning styles.
• Teachers will adjust the pace to the classroom as a whole, if the majority of students have understood the information the teacher can move ahead.


• Tutors provide individual one to one tuition. They can tailor the lessons to the students’ learning style.
• Tutors can present information in several different ways or methods to help the student grasp concepts.
• Students often lead the way with tutors, they request help with specific tasks or assignments. Tutors help fill in the gaps.
• Tutors reinforce what has been taught or what is supposed to be learnt.
• Teachers teach a subject but tutors pay attention to the students individual needs.
• Tutors can help students with study skills and techniques. If one method does not work they will find another.

A qualified teacher who perhaps charges a high hourly rate when providing one to one private tuition does not necessarily define the quality of lessons. Not all qualified teachers are naturally good tutors. The classroom environment is very different to home tuition.

Tutors with few or no qualifications that have a passion for the subject they teach – with time and experience can become excellent tutors. In an ideal world, teachers and tutors should complement each other.